Changing Your Top Team

A new CEO will often enter a business with a 100-day plan. But where on their list of priorities does changing the leadership team come? The consensus seems to be right at the top, but the speed and extent is dependent on the circumstances. (read more)

Robots in the Workplace

Having a robot for a co-worker may not be such a far-fetched idea. “The really interesting thing is how fast the development of cobots has been,” says Mark Parsons, Chief Customer Officer for the UK&I at DHL Supply Chain. “If we go back two years, a cobot offered about half the productivity of a human. Today the technology is twice as productive.” (read more)

Creating Value as an HRD

Long gone are the days when all that HR could aspire to was to run a back-office admin function. Today’s HRDs are expected to have a real impact on their organisations, focussing on those activities that add most value and reprioritising those that don’t. (read more)

Why Customer-Centricity Drives Innovation

Legend has it that Henry Ford once said that if he had listened to what customers want, they would have asked for faster horses. It neatly encapsulates the innovation conundrum faced by myriad companies: do you "go big” by seeking to radically transform a market, or do you seek to refine, improve and upgrade what you already sell? (read more)

The Global Outlook for 2018

Forget the doom and gloom in the news. There are multiple reasons for CEOs and boards to be optimistic this year, provided they’re running organisations with a strong global presence and have senior leadership teams capable of recognising the opportunity new technology presents for improved business performance and a better customer experience. Simple… (read more)