Too Much Information

Annual reports are fast becoming the dustbin for every imaginable corporate risk. This presents a number of headaches for audit committee chairs as they seek to produce accounts that are true and fair, while still meeting expectations on compliance, bribery, culture and business model disruption. (read more)

Holding Up the Mirror

The criteria for what makes an effective leader is changing. If senior executives are serious about sharpening their leadership skills, they need to be open to receiving constructive, candid feedback from colleagues. It may be an uncomfortable experience, but taking the time to evaluate and assess personal performance is increasingly important. (read more)

Taking the Top Spot

The learning curve for a rookie chief executive is notoriously steep. They will have to adjust to an unprecedented level of accountability as they assess the talent within the organisation, build strong relationships with the board and articulate a strategy that captures stakeholders’ imaginations. (read more)

The Global Outlook for 2017

Last year was a tumultuous one for most leaders. They were shocked by Brexit, rattled by Trump and unnerved by the UK’s political volatility – including Theresa May’s promise to address fat cat attitudes in some corporates. In short, we can expect another year of twists and turns. (read more)