Reinventing the Role of the HRD

In the face of new technology, shifting demographics, the need for greater diversity and international competition, the boards of global companies now expect a lot more from the Human Resources Director (HRD). While process and compliance matter, the fact is that the HRDs which provide the most value are the ones who understand why the talent and people agenda must be mapped to the business plan. (read more)

The Landscape for Private Equity

All exit options are open for private equity-backed businesses in 2015. Expect acquisitions, corporate carve-outs, IPOs and the continuing carousel of secondary and tertiary transactions. It means that PE firms can count on the competition hotting-up for quality assets, while the management teams of high-growth companies should be in a strong position to make operational improvements and increase market share. (read more)

Leading a Digital Culture

As new technology continues to turn traditional business models upside down, the onus is on executive teams to embrace change while encouraging employees to think and act differently. It means challenging conventional approaches, testing ideas and creating a ‘digital culture’ within an organisation which is attuned to and reflective of changing customer expectations. It’s inevitable that the companies which fail to adapt will struggle to compete effectively. (read more)

The Global Outlook for 2015

A resilient global economy means the signs look positive for businesses across a range of sectors over the coming year. With rising employment in the US driving consumption, China’s $3.89 trillion of exchange reserves being used as a war chest for investments, and a pro-business Government in India seeking to kick-start its economy, there are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic about opportunities for growth. (read more)