Mastering the Generation Game

Tapping into the changing needs and desires of five generations of consumers is only part of the challenge facing today’s business leaders. Just as taxing is the question of how to manage a multigenerational workforce. How exactly do you ensure that your incentives, ways of working and corporate ethos are going to appeal to both your younger and older employees? (read more)

Where’s the Future in CSR?

The pressure is on for boards to back effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes as no company can run the risk of being accused of putting profits before people or the environment. While businesses have to accept that stakeholders and the wider public will continue to demand greater engagement and disclosure, there remains the thorny question of how the value and impact of such schemes can be measured. (read more)

Finding Your Voice as a NED

While landing a position as a non-executive director may be difficult enough in itself, more mysterious still can be what to expect around the boardroom table in those early days. The real challenge for first-timers in the role, especially if they’ve had limited interaction with NEDs in their executive career, is in knowing how to influence other directors and when to keep opinions to themselves. (read more)

The Mindset of the CEO in 2014

For returning CEOs, January will be about keeping energy levels high, ensuring goals and objectives are communicated clearly and paying close attention to the balance and make-up of the senior leadership team. As the year progresses, momentum is going to be everything as there is an increasing sense that the time has come for businesses to go on the attack. (read more)