Remuneration Committees: The New Challenges

It seems that not a day goes by when the pay of the business world’s leaders isn’t being questioned in the media. Indeed, largely due to the economic downturn, we are living in a time of unprecedented scrutiny of executive remuneration with stories of incentive schemes that encourage undue risk-taking and of 'disgraced' executives receiving vast ‘rewards for failure’ encouraging a swathe of regulatory reviews and heightened levels of shareholder activism. (read more)

Public Sector - The Opportunity

The Coalition Government’s Spending Review last October highlighted significant inefficiencies in the public sector resulting in a rigorous cost-cutting agenda. These austerity measures will require a new approach to the management of spending and resources. (read more)

7 Steps For Simplifying Your Strategy

Asking any leader the meaning of the word ‘strategy’ is like asking a group of Eskimos to describe ‘snow’ - you’ll get lots of different answers. But isn’t ‘strategy’ simply about making choices? The choices you make will create a route map that enables you to achieve your overarching vision or purpose. So, what steps can you take to ensure those choices are easily understood and actionable? As we enter the second decade of this century, it is timely to ask a selection of our Members for their thoughts on strategy. (read more)

2011 - The Year Ahead

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Criticaleye Community Update of 2011. If you’re an Englishman, it’s been a great opener – well done to our new cricketing legends! As we officially enter the new decade, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the macro-economic situation and how your own organisation fits into the big picture. To that end, we asked our Associates and Advisory Board members what they think 2011 holds for businesses and business leaders. Brace yourself... (read more)