The Leader's response - 28 January 2009

Mark Wood, Chairman and CEO for ITN comments "when demand goes down, especially to the degree it's gone down recently, it's bad news for everyone. But there are countervailing trends which suggest areas of growth still." (read more)

Balancing Cutbacks - 21 January 2009

Phil Smith, Managing Director, UK & Ireland for Cisco Systems believes that challenging times will create an even greater need to innovate. He explains: "Whether innovating in products that address the desire to improve productivity or creating a business model to outwit or outpace the competition, the current climate has accelerated the pace of innovation. What the downturn has also shown is that some of the changes we are making were probably always required and will prove irreversible. For example, once you have changed the way you do business by reducing travel and exploiting technology, why go back? Once you have changed the way you deal with your customers in a more efficient and personal way, why go back?" (read more)

2009 Opportunities - 14 January 2009

We're all focused on making decisions in 2009 that make the most of the opportunities out there and ensure we emerge from the current downturn in a strong position. To successfully navigate through this uncertain landscape, leaders need to be confident and consistent in their approach... (read more)

NED Concerns - 7 January 2009

As we begin what will be a challenging year, executives and non-executives will be looking at ways of adjusting and re-shaping their businesses to ensure they are in the best place possible to weather the storm and perhaps even capitalise on our current downturn... (read more)