Leadership in a World of Mixed Signals

Businesses need to be agile and fast moving to be successful, but at the same time shareholders and investors want a clear direction, a story that they can buy into, together with employees and customers. The CEO’s job is to find a way to bring those different stakeholders together. (read more)

Building Faster and Fitter Operating Models

In recent years, many CEOs and senior executives have come to realise that their organisations are too traditional, heavily matrixed and increasingly disconnected with their customers. The end result in these instances is clunky businesses with swelling overheads and a lack of accountability across management. (read more)

Riding the Growth Wave in Asia

Economic momentum may have slowed down, but Asia continues to be the dominant force in driving global growth. The difficulty for leaders is to position their businesses in ways that overcome the current inflationary – or, in China’s case, deflationary – cost pressures at play to emerge strongly when the recovery begins. (read more)

The Mindset of the CHRO

Gone are the days of the CHRO as simply the keeper of personnel files and payroll. Today's CHRO is a strategic powerhouse, a trusted advisor to the C-suite and a champion for the entire organisation. This transformation reflects the evolving needs of businesses in a competitive and ever-changing landscape. (read more)