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Defining Moments for a CEO

Businesses must be prepared to innovate if they want to deliver for their customers and wider stakeholders, at a time of global disruption. Community Members explore the role of the CEO in leading this business model transformation, with Anisha Tansley.

Featuring commentary from:

Nick Burns, CEO, Gallagher Benefit Services UK: We worked very hard to try and stay away from the usual corporate rhetoric that often doesn’t resonate, at an emotional level, with most people.

Rupert Chapman, VP, Digital and Technology Consulting, Cognizant: We have three or four hundred ethnographic PhD scientists, who we employ to look at why customers [are] doing what they're doing.

Ian Mills, Senior Advisor & former Global SVP, Organisation Implementation, Sodexo & Board Mentor, Criticaleye: Make sure that strategic objectives are simple, clearly understood and identify who is accountable. The CEO must be clear on that, because everyone has a reason to… do it differently.

Charlotte Timberlake, Account Director, Criticaleye: In these testing times, CEOs must listen carefully to how the needs of their customers are changing and be ready and willing to respond swiftly. Community articles are produced directly by and for the Criticaleye Community.

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Anisha Tansley
Content Executive

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