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The Future of Us

The world no longer functions as it once did. Citizens, businesses and governments must discover new ways of functioning productively, safely and meaningfully in a world beset by environmental and global disruption. In this report, Criticaleye's CEO Retreat 2022 Partner, Cognizant, delves into the 'Net-Zero Era', sharing the many opportunities business leaders can seize to stay ahead of the curve.
Key takeaways include:
  • To enable greater decision-making, organisations need deeper collaboration through tech-enabled ecosystems that pool together ideas, opportunities and shared risks.
  • Businesses are no longer in the driver’s seat. Instead, customers are developing their own process workarounds, estimating carbon footprints, discovering alternative sources and creating their own knowledge bases, to get the products and services they want.
  • While young, skilled workers are looking for modern working environments, they’re also choosing companies whose purpose are aligned with their own principles. Therefore, businesses need to lure new talent in a way that fits their lifestyle, desires and choices as well as commitment to wider social goals.

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