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Antenna: Emergency Reset

Brewin Dolphin's Antenna series explores the major trends that are shaping the world around us. In this issue, Guy Foster, Head of Research, focuses on life after the pandemic.

Case studies include:
  • Data Surge - This has created the impetus to accelerate digital transformation and, as we come out of the crisis, investments in automation are expected to pick up. Technologies that improve productivity in particular are expected to be popular, such as RELX.
  • Green Recovery - With pressure mounting over the need to build sustainability into the economic recovery, green opportunities look even more attractive. Legal & General has been positioning itself as a leader on climate action for several years through its inclusive capitalism strategy. Its holistic vision sees the company contributing to a decarbonised, prosperous and inclusive society while also creating shareholder value.
  • Health in a Pandemic - Companies producing vaccines, such as GSK, have captured the public’s imagination and have seen governments pour unprecedented amounts of money at drugs that are still in development. However, the pharmaceutical supply chain is complex and opportunities to support the development of COVID drugs can be found in lesser-known companies too.

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Guy Foster
Chief Strategist – Investment Solutions
Brewin Dolphin

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