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Five Lessons on Successful Innovation

If businesses are going to stay close to their customers, they need to know how to drive innovation in a way that’s cost effective, focused and fast. In this article, Emma Riddell spoke to senior leaders to find out what it takes to get it right.

Key points include:
  • Innovation is the lifeblood of businesses in the current environment of constant disruption.
  • Failure needs to be acknowledged as a necessary by product of success, or innovation will be stifled.
  • What’s crucial is that innovation is well thought out and aligned with business strategy.
  • It’s important to create innovation hubs throughout an organisation.
  • It is important to get people throughout a company to understand that, when they come up with a new idea, an investment appraisal should be part of the due-diligence process.

Alison Bennett, Relationship Manager, Criticaleye
Beth Butterwick, CEO, Karen Millen
David Comeau, Board Mentor, Criticaleye
Peter Lacy, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Strategy
Adam Ludwin, Chief Visionary Officer & Co-founder, Captify
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Emma Carroll
Senior Editor

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